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Applications Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Two Available Times: 2 PM & 7 PM EST

Webinar Objective

  • Identify indications and contraindications for applying Graston Technique® to patients following TKA surgery
  • Discuss how Graston Technique® may be integrated into a treatment plan for patients post TKA surgery.
  • Demonstrate Graston Technique® applications to treat a surgical scar.
  • Demonstrate Graston Technique® applications to treat post-surgical swelling. instruments in enhancing mobility.
  • Demonstrate Graston Technique® applications to improve ROM following TKA surgery.

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For the first time in our webinar series, we’re offering the opportunity to earn CEUs! Attend this enlightening session, complete the post-webinar quiz,and submit your feedback form to qualify. Please note, the number of CEUs you can earn will depend on your state licensing board’s regulations. See More Details *


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The Graston Technique® has been an instrumental tool in my treatments for the baseball athletes I work with on a daily basis. It has not only been useful in rehabilitation of injuries but also in helping athletes with enhancing their overall athletic performance.

Ryan McMahon, MS, ATC, NASM-PES

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

I have been treating patients with Graston Technique® since 2008 and it has yielded positive results in a variety of pathologies! I just became one of the proud new owners of Dynamic Physical Therapy in Charleston, WV, and we treat patients and athletes with GT daily to supplement their treatment plans.

Derek Raynes, MS, ATC, PES

A-Game Sports Performance

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