Our Commitment is to You

Better treatment. Better rehabilitation. A better you.

Who We Are

Graston Technique, LLC is, at its core, an education company. Our training courses are constantly evolving based on the feedback we receive from our participants, the latest peer-reviewed research, our highly skilled instructional team, and current industry best practices.

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Our Guiding Principles

These core principles are at the foundation of Graston Technique® therapy.

You First

You always have an audience with us, and when everyone is focused on the same goal, returning to quality of life, it’s a recipe for success for all.

High Standards

A lack of proper experience and education could introduce serious risk to both patient and clinician. This is why only licensed professionals that meet our strict requirements are accepted into our courses.

Proper Education

More than 20 years of experience and feedback creates a quality of training few can match that is constantly evolving.

Who Uses Graston Technique® therapy

Graston Technique® therapy is utilized by clinics, hospitals, companies, schools, universities, teams, military personnel and everything in between. From everyday patients to elite athletes, more and more people are experiencing a return to a quality of life that was previously thought impossible, thanks to IASTM.

What is soft tissue?

Here are some common conditions that have been successfully treated with Graston Technique® therapy

The Research

Peer-reviewed research is at the heart of Graston Technique® therapy. A large amount of independent clinical research has been performed to date ranging from clinical abstracts to systematic reviews

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Complementary Products

Graston Technique® therapy can be combined with the following complementary therapeutic products.