I received Graston Technique® treatment on my hand following ORIF surgery on the base of my first metacarpal, and I am amazed at the results! I've noticed a reduction in swelling and an immediate and lasting increase in my range of movement. I could feel and see the improvement in my hand and now look forward to it as part of my overall occupational therapy."


Phoenix, Arizona

Even though the stainless steel tools look unusual, the Graston Technique® has brought me much relief. GT breaks up scar tissue fibers and smoothes the tissue underneath. It has increased my range of motion and decreased the inflammation and pain that I've experienced. GT has sped up the recovery time for every one of my injuries."

Noemy Clayborn

24-time Marathon Finisher and Ultra-Runner
Atlanta, Georgia

Graston Technique® has given me hope where there was none. I've had breast cancer, a double mastectomy, a failed double flap surgery, multiple infections at the sight of the tissue expanders for reconstruction and severe (possibly irreversible) Achilles tendonitis due to Levaquin. I had four large open wounds (13" by 4") for more than 4 months. My legs had chronic swelling and lymphedema as a result of the severe scarring. I found out about Graston Technique® and it was a Godsend. After three weeks, my Achilles tendonitis, which I had for 4 months, was cured. My swelling has been eliminated, my numbness and pain in my legs are gone, and I can exercise and work out now. My chiropractor is working on my reconstruction scars on my breasts. More surgeons should refer patients post-op for GT. I believe it is the only way to resolve issues with severe surgical adhesions."

Cathron Stanford

Houston, Texas

Graston Technique® was used to relieve and eliminate plantar fasciitis, soleus and gastrocnemius caused by excessive backpedaling, planting and sprinting forward while officiating NFL games. When my symptoms recurred after normal therapy, my physical therapist and athletic trainer suggested GT. Without a doubt, the recovery accelerated, the pain diminished within days, and the tendons and muscles were allowed to be stretched and strengthened to eliminate recurrences."

John Parry

NFL Referee
Akron, OH

I had atrophy and numbness from scar tissue on my right pectoral muscle. I tried everything else and recently began receiving Graston Technique® from my physical therapist. I love it. The pump and function is returning to my muscle. I am getting my symmetry back, as well. Thanks so much."

Brian Linderson

U.S. Naval Station
San Diego, CA

I have to say I am really impressed! My range of motion is back, and the pain is practically gone. I am soo grateful there are people like you that created this Graston Technique® therapy for soft tissue injuries! I did not have to lose anytime whatsoever at work due to this. I started to receive this treatment about 2 weeks into my injury.”

Joel Phelps

Windsor By-law Enforcement Officer

My trainer uses Graston (Technique) tools...."

Michael Phelps

Olympic Swimmer: 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012
Details magazine, August 2012


Graston Technique® has changed the way I practice, increased success rate of my treatments and helped me treat conditions that did not respond well. I have helped several patients with shoulder pain, post-surgical knee pain, and back pain. GT allows me to repair and rebuild soft tissue injuries consistently and effectively."

Laurie Buob DC

Austin Family & Sports Therapy
Bechtel Physical Therapy

Graston Technique® allows me to place my athletes in their sport-specific positions in order to precisely isolate and release soft tissue restrictions that are interfering with their optimal movement patterns. It has been a key factor in returning both my professional and recreational athletes to the top of their game, be it track & field, golf, triathlons, or ultra running."

Robyn Pester MS, PT, ATC, CSCS

Robyn Pester Physical Therapy, Inc.

I use Graston Technique® to help restore the function and control that many of my patients lose when a simple injury becomes a chronic condition. It's drug-free, non-invasive and produces an almost immediate response. Most importantly, it equalizes the frustration felt by many of my patients who have already failed to respond to conventional treatment."

Paul J. Kern MD

Clinical Director

I have been treating patients with Graston Technique® since 2008 and it has yielded positive results in a variety of pathologies! I just became one of the proud new owners of Dynamic Physical Therapy in Charleston, WV, and we treat patients and athletes with GT daily to supplement their treatment plans. It is a staple in our clinic."

Derek Raynes MS, ATC, PES

Dynamic Physical Therapy

When I graduated, Graston Technique® was one of a couple of things that I believed I had to have when I got out of school. I don't know how many hundreds of times since 2004 that I have paid (through clinic income) for these instruments."

Jonathan M. Wilhelm DC, MS, ICSSD, CCSP, CCEP

Pro Chiropractic

I can't thank you enough for the excellent course last weekend. I have been using my GT instruments all week and have received very positive feedback from my patients already.”

Susan Hughes PT

Granite State Physical Therapy

The Graston Technique® is the new third alternative that represents the opportunity for a productive and pain-free quality of life for many patients. The Technique can often eliminate the need for surgery. But what really has impressed me is how important the instruments are in making the right diagnosis in the first place, by identifying adhesions and restrictions away from the site of pain."

Stephen R. Pfeifer, MD

American Health Network
Fishers, Indiana

In my nearly thirty years of physical therapy practice, I have frequently been presented with devices that claimed to enhance my hands in applying manual techniques. As I developed my own palpation skills I thought that nothing could feel more than my hands. This is something I had often heard from other physical therapists as well.
When I attended Graston Technique® M1-Basic training, I quickly found out that the description of the instruments and technique was accurate. The resonance of the instruments was most striking to me. I was able to locate soft tissue restrictions quickly and with precision. As good as I thought my palpation skills were, the Graston Technique® enhanced them and now I am able to help patients achieve goals in less time with less energy. The design of the instruments helps me to isolate the treatment of soft tissue lesions and progress to appropriate exercise programs. I benefited from interaction with other clinicians in discussing disease processes, dysfunction and rehabilitation protocols by completing M2-Advanced training.
I feel that I have optimized my use of the Graston Technique®. And I am proud to say that twelve of my co-workers are now GT Certified. It is a very effective tool in my treatment of failed back syndrome, total joint replacement and foot problems. The Graston Technique® is a well-designed concept that is easily applied to evolving connective tissue research and leads to very good outcomes."

Gregory Kelly, PT

Oleander Rehabilitation Center-New Hanover Regional Medical Center
Wilmington, North Carolina

I am a very experienced Physical Therapist. Graston Technique® is simply a 'slam dunk' intervention. Restoring range of motion post-op; ridding athletes of chronic, nagging injuries; mobilizing scars; treating acute athletic injuries before they become chronic; and curing patients of chronic neural tingling is easy and fast.
The Graston Technique® instruments allow me to easily detect and treat soft tissue lesions that even well-trained hands cannot. I love this technique--and will use it for the rest of my career. (I have already started getting all of my therapists trained in the Graston Technique®, because I consider it a skill every excellent Orthopedic Physical Therapist must have.)"

Terri Bechtel-Greenberg, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC

Clinical Director
Bechtel Physical Therapy
Sherman Oaks, California

Great course and instruction. This course has put me on track to make a huge difference for my patients."

Dwight Brown, DPT

Clinic Director
Forever Fit Physical Therapy & Wellness
Burtonsville, Maryland

Taking GT was a great experience and I believe this technique will save thousands of therapists' hands and increase the longevity of their careers."

Lucas Donelan, PTA

Vancouver Spine & Orthopedic Rehab Center
Vancouver, Washington

Thank you for the new techniques and expanded clinical reasoning that I gained in the M2 course. I have implemented the new techniques with nearly every patient I have seen this week and the results have been quite impressive. GT has definitely been a game changer for me."

Lee Spillman, PT, DPT

Lee Memorial Health System-Gulf Coast Medical Center
Fort Myers, Florida

The Graston Technique® has been wonderful, especially with our patients with long-standing overuse issues such as lateral epicondylitis and plantar fasciitis. Love GT!"

Stephanie Ale, DPT

Woodstown Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab
Woodstown, New Jersey

This course helped me work on my palpatory skills and will afford me the chance of being a better, more complete, PT."

Jason P. Ortolano, DPT

All Sports Physical Therapy
New York, New York

Thank you for this amazing course. GT will totally change the way I treat the myofascial system."

Argentria M. Twyman, PT, DPT

Restoration Physical Therapy
Austell, Georgia

Instructors are very knowledgeable and great clinicians. Great hands on and instructor feedback. Overall, an excellent course and great instructors, added greatly to my manual practice."

Charles R. Miller Jr., PT

Trenton, New Jersey

My wife has had foot pain for the last five years, which appeared to me to be Morton's Neuroma. She has seen two ortho surgeons, a neurologist and a pain management doctor. She has had MRIs of her foot and back, plus injections, acupuncture and orthotics. I worked on her foot and leg using GT, and she reported that this is the best her foot has felt in five years. What a difference GT has made! She has been able to return to hiking and is delighted. About once a month, I work on her foot to maintain her pain-free or reduced-pain status."

Terry Bemis, PT

Black Mountain, North Carolina

Completing M2 is like inserting the keystone of an arch. It all makes sense after reviewing the fundamentals taught in M1, and then learning both new strokes as well as how to integrate everything in M2. This is a 'must take' course to fully understand how to administer the Graston Technique® thus enhancing the delivery of patient care."

Mark Bertch, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

CHI Health
Omaha, Nebraska

Since taking the M1 training, I've had a chance to use my Graston Technique® instruments on some 'stubborn' shoulders and have had crazy, GREAT results!!! One shoulder has had restrictions x 10 years, lots of PT and no change. I took care of scar tissue and used GT.....within weeks he was able to perform ROM function that he hasn't been able to do for 10 years!!!
I have used other soft tissue instruments and not gotten these results. I like the weight of the GT instruments and the metal edges. Thanks so much for another 'tool in the tool box' for treatments!"

Karen Breinig-Leonhart, MSPT

Urbandale, Iowa

The M1 course was great. I thought it was very informative, interesting and well organized. I am going to use GT every day in practice."

Angela Marinez, DPT

Brockton Physical Therapy
Sunrise, Florida

I can't wait to use these new skills in the clinic. I have a running list in my mind of patients who will benefit from this new information."

Jim Fernandes, PT, ATC

US Army Special Operations Command
Durham, North Carolina

The Graston Technique® instruments will improve the quality of my manual skill for all my patients. Great course!"

Lisa Ahlers, PTA

St. Louis, Missouri

Great course! Hands-on training made this easy and practical to apply immediately in the clinic!"

Troy Shelton, OTR/L, CHT

California Pacific Medical Center
San Mateo, California

I came into the training thinking I would only find the UE valuable to me. After the first day of doing LE, it was obvious that every part of the course is valuable. It reinforces the techniques and concepts that are universal."

Lisa Wick, OT

St. Vincent Hospital
Worcester, Massachusetts

After an excellent training, I started treating patients on Monday morning with the instruments. The Graston Technique® has been a welcomed asset to our interdisciplinary clinic. Our team of Pain Interventionists are very excited about the results we are achieving. Some of our patients have had their medication reduced, which is a wonderful thing. The Graston Technique® is a very holistic approach to treating myofascial pain and incorporates well in our interdisciplinary practice."

Donald Counihan Jr., DC

Boston Pain Care
Waltham, Massachusetts

I have been using the Graston Technique® for 5 years. I believe my practice would not be the same and I would not receive the high patient satisfaction results in such a short amount of time without Graston Technique. My patients all have fond nicknames for my 'tools'. Where other therapy and health care professionals have failed my patients with chronic pain, Graston Technique® can give them the results they never believed they could get! The speed in which adhesive capsulitis and tendinopathies heal from the adhesion reducing, collagen increasing properties of Graston Technique® is amazing!"

Natalie Heberlie, MPT

Clinic Manager
ApexNetwork Physical Therapy
Smithton, Illinois

Indeed I am using the Graston Technique® almost daily with good results. One of my patients who was specifically referred for Graston after having failed other therapy just climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa! After success stories such as this one, many other therapists in my department received training in the Graston Technique®. I have completed M2 training/certification and found the class to be very helpful in furthering my understanding of the many ways GT can be applied."

Dana Stout, PT, ATC, CEAS II

Pelham Medical Center-Spartanburg Regional Medical Center
Spartanburn, South Carolina

This technique will be quite beneficial as an adjunct to the soft tissue work and MFR techniques that I currently use."

Wanda L. Wilnes, PT

Snyder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation
Lincoln, Nebraska

Clinical application in the M2 course is excellent. Fantastic treatment with fantastic results."

Vincent J. Puccio, DPT

Procare Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation
Staten Island, New York

We use Graston Technique® on 85% of our patients and I couldn't think of a better set of instruments to utilize in our clinic. The M2 training course adds a whole new perspective to GT and anyone who has taken the M1 should definitely take the time for this course. M2 has improved techniques to utilize in the clinic for increased functional gains."

Kayla Markeson, PTA

Lifestyle Physical Therapy
Lake Wylie, South Carolina

M2 training has given me the ability to incorporate load to the techniques. I can't wait to get creative in the clinical setting."

Kathleen M Anderson, PT

Pro Sports Therapy-Westford
Westford, Massachusetts

The Graston Technique® has been an instrumental tool in my treatments for the baseball athletes I work with on a daily basis. It has not only been useful in rehabilitation of injuries but also in helping athletes with enhancing their overall athletic performance. As we know soft tissue restrictions play an enormous role in movement pattern dysfunctions. Having the Graston Technique® in hand to help reduce these restrictions gives me an added advantage to combat these faulty patterns and get my athletes back to where they can perform at a high level of competition and possibly prevent overuse injuries."

Ryan McMahon, MS, ATC, NASM-PES

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Sports Physical Therapy and Performance Center
Somerville, New Jersey

The Graston Technique® has been an excellent component to incorporate in our treatment plans. The dynamic component allows you to treat your athletes in a functional sports specific position to realistically treat their restrictions."

Erin Jordan, MS, ATC

Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, Georgia

A great course to take and invest in. A lot of the things taught can be used immediately in the athletic training room."

Kara Bremer, MS, LAT, ATC

Ferris State University
Big Rapids, Michigan

Enjoyed the training! I can't wait to take what I learned back and use it on my athletes."

Ryan McMahon, MS, ATC

Clinical Supervisor of Sports Performance and Athletic Training
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Bridgewater, New Jersey

I have always wanted to go through the Graston Technique® training & the M1 course did not disappoint! I am looking forward to applying what I learned to my clinical practice!"

Brittany J. Santucci, ATC

University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas

After an excellent training, I started treating patients on Monday morning with the instruments. The Graston Technique® has been a welcomed asset to our interdisciplinary clinic. Our team of Pain Interventionists are very excited about the results we are achieving. Some of our patients have had their medication reduced, which is a wonderful thing. The Graston Technique® is a very holistic approach to treating myofascial pain and incorporates well in our interdisciplinary practice.
Actually, GT has become a very important component of our treatment program here at Boston PainCare. Our physicians who are Board Certified in Pain Management (DABPM) order GT therapy in conjunction with performing many of the interventional services that they provide. Specific note is given to how the Graston Technique® enhances the efficacy of Trigger Point Injections. In the majority of our patients who received trigger point injections, with or without the use of steroids, find that incorporating GT will help the effects of the TPI last longer and be more effective. Out staff endorses GT and most of our patients find the effects to be better than what they anticipated."

Donal Counihan Jr., DC

Director of Functional Rehabilitation
Boston PainCare
Waltham, Massachusetts

M2 not only elevates the quality of care that I offer as a chiropractor, but offers a more effective diagnostic evaluation and treatment for musculoskeletal pain. Treat the cause not the pain!"

Reg H. Cully, DC

Cully Family Chiropractic
Lampasas, Texas

Two new patients on a Monday, they found me on the GT website. Love those easy referrals!"

Ashli Linkhorn, DC, CCSP, CCEP, PES/CES-NASM

Sports Chiropractic Institute
Atlanta, Georgia

Great course! Will definitely use this tomorrow. This is going to save my hands!"

Elizabeth Baker, DC

Integra Spine & Sport Therapy
Acworth, Georgia

I was looking for a technique that would assist me in the muscle work that I provide so my body won't suffer anymore. This seems to be a perfect fit!"

Caroline Diller, DC

Cumberland Valley Chiropractic & Wellness
Orrstown, Pennsylvania

This seminar was one of the best I've taken. The information and instructors were excellent. I'm excited to integrate GT into everyday practice."

John Fragoso, DC

Chico, California

Graston Technique® expands my skills as a clinician. Not only does it aid in the healing of the patient, but it offers sound treatment options for the practitioner."

Gerald Lopez, DC

Dauphin, Manitoba

I LOVED the seminar this weekend. I have already used Graston Technique® on three patients this morning, and they also loved it!!"

Elizabeth Pagano, DC

Chiropractic Cafe
Raleigh, North Carolina

I have been in practice for almost 15 years and have used Graston Technique® for the past 6 years. I truly do not know how I practiced prior to using the GT instruments. Effective soft tissue evaluation and treatment is, in my opinion, necessary in a successful Chiropractic practice."

Alice Capitano, DC

Capitano Chiropractic
Portland, Oregon

Graston Technique® has completely changed how I practice. I finally feel I have something to offer those really hard cases where my previous treatments had been marginal at best. Patients now seek me out specifically because I am a GT Provider."

Sara Cuperus, DC, CCSP, ATC, CACCP

Chiropractic Performance Center, PA
Sartell, Minnesota