Section 1: Introduction & Course Overview

The primary objective of Graston Essential Training is to develop an understanding of Graston Technique© therapy (GT) and how to apply it into the full spectrum of musculoskeletal treatment approaches. The course also instructs clinicians on the proper use of the instruments.

By the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the safe application of the Graston Technique utilizing each GT Instrument.
  • Describe how Graston Technique is integrated into the full spectrum of patient care, including documentation and billing.
  • Identify the indications and contraindications of Graston Technique® therapy.
  • Recognize common responses to GT Treatment, both positive and adverse.
  • Design a treatment plan utilizing Graston Technique® therapy (GT) applied to the spine and extremities utilizing various modes of application.
  • Explain the current research justifying the inclusion of the Graston Technique® therapy as an evidence-based intervention for treating musculoskeletal dysfunction.