A library of exercises for the GT Provider – designed by GT clinical advisors and powered by wibbi

We’ve partnered with Wibbi to give you access to their world-class platform of home exercise programs that patients can access online through their smartphones, tablets and computers. Exercise is a critical component of the Graston Technique® therapy treatment protocol, and with Wibbi, you can integrate with your EMR/HER software, attach PDFs to your patients’ records, print handouts for your patients to take home and much, much more. You’ll also gain access to the Graston Technique® library of exercises as a Graston Technique® therapy Provider. Below is just a small sample of the types of exercises you will find on the Wibbi platform.

Exercise Handout Samples

Cervical Spine Samples

Knee and Thigh Samples

Shoulder Samples

Exercise Video Samples

Half Knee Pull

Bird Dog with Resistance Band

Bent Knee Heel Slide to Fall Out

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