Essential Hybrid In-Person Training: The Best of Both Worlds

Experience the perfect blend of in-person and online learning with our Hybrid Training. This unique program starts with a 3-hour virtual precourse, followed by a 9-hour, one-day in-person group training at regional locations. Discover the benefits of this versatile approach:

  • Balanced Learning: Combine the practicality of hands-on training with the convenience of online resources. Begin with a self-paced precourse and then attend an in-person group session.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Customize your training experience to fit your schedule and preferences seamlessly.
  • Complete Curriculum: Explore GT therapy comprehensively, including clinical applications, physiological effects, benefits, and potential contraindications.

This hybrid model of Graston Training is perfect for those looking to balance hands-on training with the flexibility of online learning. It offers a well-rounded learning experience tailored to your needs.