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Enhance your Graston Technique® experience with our specially formulated emollients. Whether you’re a professional therapist or someone looking for relief at home, our emollients are the perfect companion for your Graston Technique® instruments.

Graston® Technique Vitamin E Enriched Emollient(4 oz.)


Graston® Soft Tissue Mobilization Emollient is the official emollient of Graston Technique® therapy. The emollient consists of a rich blend of Vitamin E, pure coconut oil, and light vanilla fragrance, creating a simple yet consistent formula that doesn’t break down during IASTM treatments. When compared to similar products, our formulation, based on clinician feedback, glides better, requires fewer applications, and is completely washable. For use with Graston® Instruments.

Graston® Technique CBD Emollient (4 oz.)


Step into a world of enhanced soft tissue therapy with Graston® Technique CBD Emollient. This meticulously crafted 4 oz. jar of emollient is more than just a tool; it’s your gateway to a profound therapy experience like no other.  Infused with the highest-quality cannabidiol (CBD), our emollient brings the incredible potential of CBD directly to your treatment room. CBD is celebrated for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, and this emollient harnesses those benefits to offer something truly extraordinary.  Each 4 oz. jar of CBD Emollient is a jar of opportunity. It’s an opportunity to provide your patients with a treatment experience they’ll rave about. It’s an opportunity to elevate your practice and stand out in the world of soft tissue therapy. It’s an opportunity to make a lasting impact.

Graston® Technique Arnica-Infused Emollient (4 oz.)


NEW PRODUCT! Graston Soft Tissue Mobilization Emollient with Arnica is the same emollient you know and love, now with the natural anti-inflammatory properties of Arnica! The Arnica Montana flower extract is a natural homeopathic pain reliever commonly used to treat muscular pain, joint aches, and arthritis.  Our Arnica-Infused Emollient brings the age-old healing properties of arnica to your treatment room. Arnica is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities, and this emollient encapsulates those benefits to offer you something extraordinary.

Embark on your journey to mastering
Graston Technique

Each Essential Training option offers a unique approach tailored to your learning style and needs. Whether you prefer hands-on instruction, a blend of in-person and online learning, the convenience of remote training, or the ultimate flexibility of self-paced learning, Graston Technique has the perfect training solution for you. Elevate your skills and advance your clinical practice with confidence.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"I have been treating patients with Graston Technique® since 2008 and it has yielded positive results in a variety of pathologies! I just became one of the proud new owners of Dynamic Physical Therapy in Charleston, WV, and we treat patients and athletes with GT daily to supplement their treatment plans. It is a staple in our clinic."

Derek Raynes, MS, ATC, PES

South Charleston, WV

"The Graston Technique® has been an excellent component to incorporate in our treatment plans. The dynamic component allows you to treat your athletes in a functional sports specific position to realistically treat their restrictions."

Erin Jordan, MS, ATC

Statesboro, Georgia

"Graston Technique® allows me to place my athletes in their sport-specific positions in order to precisely isolate and release soft tissue restrictions that are interfering with their optimal movement patterns. It has been a key factor in returning both my professional and recreational athletes to the top of their game, be it track & field, golf, triathlons or ultrarunning."

Robyn Pester, PT, ATC, Eugene, OR

"Graston Technique® is FABULOUS!! It's amazing what you can feel through the tools and the depth in tissue you can reach with them. Since using the Graston Technique® instruments, my hands are no longer sore from STM and my patients have reported feeling significant relief from their symptoms! It's a win-win!"

Kari Redfield, OTR/L, Visalia, CA

"There is much more to Graston Technique® than stainless steel instruments and a ‘gritty’ sensation. The technique is the result of proficient people offering an exceptional product, in a comprehensive and intelligible manner. That makes the integration of Graston Technique® into my office an easy decision for me… I am in!"

Stephen Flynn, DC, Auburn, ME

"Excellent organization; gave core knowledge (instrument handling & strokes) that can be applied to multiple areas/conditions. Even after 30 years of practice experience, this technique has tremendously changed my patient management strategies resulting in improved clinical outcomes, higher levels of patient satisfaction, and increased patient referrals."

Steven  Zajac, DC, Buffalo, NY

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