Graston Technique®Short Courses

Welcome to the Graston Technique® Short Courses – a curated series of webinars designed to not only inform but also transform your understanding of soft tissue therapy. These webinar recordings are your gateway to staying informed and elevating your expertise in soft tissue therapy.

Each course is eligible for CEUs*

Short Course Bundles

Choose the bundle that suits your needs or pick and choose individual courses. Each individual course is registered and eligible for CEUs*.

GT Shorts: 5-Pack Mix and Match

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GT Shorts: 10-Pack Mix and Match

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GT Shorts: 15-Pack Mix and Match

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GT Shorts: 25-Pack Mix and Match

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What you get from each course


Comprehensive Coverage

Whether you’re looking to get started or an experienced professional seeking advanced insights, there’s something here for everyone


World Class Instruction

We collaborate with leading experts from the field of soft tissue therapy. These individuals not only excel in their respective domains but are passionate about sharing their expertise – providing real-world experience, research-backed insights, and innovative techniques


Flexible Learning

Whether you prefer to learn during the early morning hours or late in the evening, these courses can be conveniently accessed at anytime, anywhere to accommodate your schedule

Instructions For Earning CEUs

*To earn your CEUs, please follow these steps:

    1. Complete the Quiz: Each GT Short includes a quiz that must be completed to earn CEUs. Make sure to carefully answer all questions.
    2. Submit the Feedback Form: After completing the quiz, you will need to submit a feedback form. Your feedback helps us improve our training materials and offerings.

By completing these steps, you will be awarded the CEUs associated with your chosen course.

Full Catalog of Short Courses

Embark on your journey to mastering
Graston Technique

Each Essential Training option offers a unique approach tailored to your learning style and needs. Whether you prefer hands-on instruction, a blend of in-person and online learning, the convenience of remote training, or the ultimate flexibility of self-paced learning, Graston Technique has the perfect training solution for you. Elevate your skills and advance your clinical practice with confidence.